Saad & Ertiza always been passionate about Music.In the end of 2009 after a great successful of S.O.S. group Event they were thinking & working for their own Music & wanted to make a Band. Maximum time after study they were practicing music at home,roof,lane,Music Pad etc with their freinds & family. By honoring Music they did it..
Now its in front of all,the "TribaL EssencE".

Launched : November 18, 2011 (with the song "Boshe Achi..")
Studio : Creative HomeMade

Featuring Members :
Sanjida (Vocal)
Jamie (Vocal,Lyrics)
Hassan (Guitar)
Asif (Guitar)
Tathir (Lyrics)
Irfan (Lyrics)
Hossain (Lyrics)

Şaad Bin Taiyab (ŞBT)

He is the Founder & Lead Vocalist.Also the Lyric Writer, Keyboardist, Bassist,Editor, Designer & also the Composer of the Band.SaaD always want to do something different with music that gets deep inside the heart & touch the Essence of the listeners....

Ertiza Haider (Rockstar)

He is the Founder & Lead Guitarist.Also the Lyric Writer of the Band.He always loves to play Guitar, hangout with Music & wants to do something unique & Rock everyone's Essence.